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The Moon is calling you to nature

Intention products for the modern spiritualist

Full Moon Intention Candle

Thunder Full Moon

Ritual Kit 7/4/20

(no longer available)

  July's Full moon is known as the Thunder Moon, also the Buck Moon. This moon indicates the frequent thunderstorms within this month, as well as the fresh antlers on Buck deer.

  The July moon lands into Capricorn, in the Cancer realm, which brings out feelings to be aligned, and become straight narrow. To fix, and to protect our energies from those who might not have our best interests at heart. With exclusive items like Red Brick Dust, Oochie Lovin Herbal Steam/ Tea, and the exclusive Thunder Moon Ritual Candle, with our matchstick bottle, and Don't Come For Me Intention Oil, this limited edition is something you don't want to miss out on.

Intention Washes for the Luxe Spiritualist

Our Intention Washes are made with Castille liquid soap, herb infused oils, and healing essential oils, that are not only soothing and moisturizing for the the skin, but also brings in the wanted intentions while in the shower..

Generations of Roots, Now in Your Hands

Our recipes that have been passed down through generations of clairvoyants, readers, conjurers, and root workers, are now available to you, for all your manifesting needs! we strive to make sure all herbs and ingredients are hand picked with love, and the whispers from our ancestors.


“I just wanted to say thank you for your tea! My mother began ordering the tea for me in november to help with irregular cycles from the time that I began at twelve years old, up until the time that I started drinking the tea! I am now on month 4 of a regular cycle, and I am positive that would not be the case if not for your tea! I'm so excited to start the next message will be announcing pregnancy!”

Alexis, TN


Wolfs Moon Apothecary 



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