A Wolf and Her Calling


Meet Brandyn Ashley

   Hi! I'm Brandyn Ashley, founder and creator of Wolf's Moon Apothecary. I'm not only a mommy, but I have some chef skills, with a big heart, and a love for plants, and Nature's healing wonders.

   With the recipes passed down through my ancestors, As well as countless trial and errors, to perfect the best elixirs to enhance all intentions for love, luck, finances, protection, warding off negativity, opening new opportunities, and so much more!

    I gave my family recipes a name, that resonated with who I was becoming, and growing into: Wolf's Moon Apothecary. The Wolf Moon is the first full moon of the year. It is the time where food is scarce for wolves, so they howl the most out of hunger, and determination to achieve what they're looking for. it is also the moon to celebrate an start your manifestations for a new beginning, a new truth, a new you. So I ask you, will you join our wolf pack, to become a new you?


        "I believe in having ability to manifest your own wants and desires through Spirit. Give them respect, as well as Mother Earth, and the universe will give you everything that you desire in life."

-Brandyn Ashley