Frequently asked questions

What is a Wolf Moon, and what does it mean?

A Wolf Moon is the first full moon of the Farmer's Almanac, and the first full moon of the year. At this time when food is scarce for wolves, so they howl at the moon more than normal. The spiritual meaning of a Wolf Moon, is to start new beginnings, and set your intentions for a greater purpose in your life. To feel the hunger of change.

How does Intentions work?

Intentioins are affirmations we set and work on to become a manifestation. when you start the intention to go for something, the universe finds a way to bring your intention into reality. Vision boards, affirmation journals, and morning mantras are some examples of what intention filled exercises are.

So you add herbs and essential oils in your products. How does that help with manifestations?

Being a generational practicioner of Hoodoo and Spritiuality; herbs, spices, plants, and oils are all used in order to do rootwork for manifesting desires. I use the herbs, our guided spirits and ancestors, and my own energy to help make every product as strong as possible. Since spirituality is derived from the Earth and Universe, the herbs help us bring in manifestations we ask for.

What type herbs do you use?

All herbs used are food grade only. We list allergians that that can be harmful to others, such as eggs, and nut problems. If you have a specific allergy to florals, herbs, or essential oils other than than egg or nut allergies, please contact us via email, so we may be able to send you a product allergy free

Is an oochie steam safe to use while pregnant?

We highly recommend that you do NOT use a our Oochie Steam/Tea while pregnant. some herbs can be abortive. if you are trying to conceive, we recommend that you use the Oochie Steam/Tea once a week. If you believe you are pregnant, discontinue use of the Oochie Steam/Tea until 3 weeks post partum for healing, tightening, and toning your Oochie.

How does virtual readings work?

All of our readings are done virtually with zoom.com, or through the phone. I can still use my cards to get an accurate reading from you, as long as you are open to information.