How Moon Phases Are Important in Rituals. The Ins and Outs

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Moon phases can show you not only when's the best time to do certain rituals, but also certain moons have specific powers not many people know about. Dive in to learn a little bit more.

Different moon Phases

We all know how the moon works. You have a new moon, waxing gibbous, first quarter, full moon, third quarter, and back to another new moon. Simple right? However, did you know that the moon phases also control a lot of the energies within the Earth? Think about it, when there is a full moon, notice how people sometimes act differently? How the tides in the oceans change by how the moon phases? The Moon’s gravity pulls oceans, causing tides. The water closest to the Moon has the biggest pull, and bulges outward. The water on the opposite side also bulges, and the two bulges follow the Moon’s and Earth’s rotation.

So if the Moon can do all of this to Earth's waters, think about what it can do on a spiritual level. Intense, right? Trust me, I know. Let's get into the phases of the moon, and what they mean:

New Moon- When the moon can't be seen, this is a new moon. Each new moon has a zodiac connected to it, due to the zodiac season it falls into. Example, because everyone loves examples, the Virgo New Moon is about getting tasks done, healing old wounds, and revamping your space, kind of like the traits of a Virgo.

Best type of root work, or rituals to do for a new moon are new intentions, new beginnings, renewing intentions.

First quarter Moon- also known as the first half moon. With this moon has strength in asserting your new moon work, making it really happen. It's also great for hexing. Just a rule of thumb. When trying to do a hex, make sure you do protection work, to keep yourself covered so it doesn't backfire on you. Trust me, not something you want to experience. it ain't pretty.

Full Moon- This is where you see all of the moon, no half, crescent, straight up moon. It's the most dope thing ever! The power of the full moon is just As powerful as the power of the New moon, only opposite. instead of new beginnings, these are things you want to come to and end. Big magic happens here, and there are different names to every single full moon and different meanings as well as what to use them for. Use the power of the full moon for manifestations.

Last Quarter Moon- The waning half moon in the phase. This moon is all about letting go. Releasing toxic habits, purging your house, workspace, people, that redundant relationship, get rid of it. This is the time to get ready for new stuff again, and purge it for the new moon.

Seems simple, and easy to understand, right? the moon is not just a pretty moon to look at in the night blue sky, but it has some really cool uses to it as well. Now, it's time to get into the fun stuff. I know The Pack wants to get deeper, so, let's go a little bit more.

Practices of Moon Rituals

So many different practices use moon rituals, or spells in order to make things happen. All of this happens to be the law of attraction, affirmations, intentions, and last but certainly not least, manifestations. From Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wiccan, Spiritual Enlighteners, Naturalists, Indigenous, the list goes on. However, they use the moon for the same things, and it works! Let's into the justs about it:

New Moon- New moon already is a hint. New beginnings. With any new beginning, you have to put the intention out there. "I want a new car", I want this amount of money", I want a new house". This is what you want so you put the intention out there. Write it down, envision it.

First Quarter- Yeah, you did the intention, but now it's time to Affirm it. Making it become a little more realistic. "I have the car, I just have to get off the lot", " The money is in my bank account, I have to access it", " The house is mine, I just have to go get the keys." Being specific helps get you closer to your goal.

Full Moon- Now it's time to set it and forget it. The manifesting period. It's coming so now you just believe it. Don't go into with a doubtful mind, nothing happens when in doubt.

Third Quarter- Let it go into the universe, and watch it all come to a head. Things happen right when you least expect it, but I promise you, put in the work, you will gladly get that reward.

Written by:

Brandyn-Ashley Romero

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