What is a Candle Ritual: All You Need to Know About Candle Magic

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Candles are the oldest form of manifestation work since, well, forever. With so many spiritual practices, and religions, candle work is not only a great way to manifest your requests to the universe, it's also one that helps put more power into it. From Hoodoo, Wiccan, Voodoo, Santeria, Yoruba, Alchemy, Catholicism, Buddhism, hindu, and so many more, candles have always been a way for intentions, prayers, and manifestations of those.

History of Candle Rituals

Candles date back to 3000 B.C., where pillars and beeswax were found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. They would observe candle flames, and stare at them, which would put them into an altered state of consciousness for prophetic visions, or even deities. Ancient pagans used candles and lamps in religious observances, and Roman Catholics saw them as " useless lighting of lamps at noonday"

By 400 A.D., candles were used in Christian rituals and by the 1200's the Catholic Church started using consecrated candles that were used for blessings, absolving sins, and exorcizing demons.

There were even dark magic candles made with human fat to work for the dark arts. Legend has it that treasure hunters would use these candles to seek treasure. They would go into caves to search, and the candles would burn brighter when the hunters would get closer. Sometimes the candle would be burn extremely high and feverously. When you were right on the treasure, the candle will blow out right on top of the spot the treasure was buried. That’s when the treasure seekers would then light consecrate candles and oil for oil lamps, to keep any evil spirits that might be guarding the treasure away from the hunters, and as a light to see. Yeah, I know, heavy stuff, right? At least we don’t have to worry about getting candles made with human fat. Yikes!

Modern Day Candles

Candles of our modern day are a little tame from what they used to be. Now they have scented candles for aromatherapy, ambiance, and romance, but practitioners are taking candles into our own works. Our candles are beeswax, soy, and coconut. Now candles mixed with paraffins, you don’t want to use those, because they aren’t natural, so it won’t be great for your ritual.

The way candles are used in rituals, they should be cleansed by smudging them with white sage, Palo Santo, pine, or rosemary (* As of 10-7-2019, sage and Palo Santo are endangered plants, due to extreme harvesting, so please try to refrain from using them if not sustainably sourced.), and we also use Florida Water, rum, or whiskey to also cleanse candles if you have allergies to smudging.

You would hold the candles to set intentions, or dress them, which is when you put oils, herbs, and petitions on your candles to help manifest what your intentions and desires are. Many practitioners, root workers, and spiritualists use colored candles as well to set their intention of their desired wants. Below, I made sure to include what each color represents, so when manifesting, you’re not in the dark:

Black- Protection, Binding, Uncrossing, Blocking Negativity

White- Purity, Peace, Truth, and Hope. However, white can be used for ANY manifestation needed. because of it being so pure, it’s easier when you get find the color you need.

Red- Action, Love, Lust, Passion, Courage, Sex, Strength

Green- Luck, Fertility, Healing (Now, green can be used for money and success, but think about it like our ancestors. They didn’t have paper money, so money wasn’t green back then)

Yellow- Clarity, Intelligence, Manifestation (St. Expedite), Creativity

Purple- Spiritual Power, Wisdom, Tranquility, Summoning Higher Forces

Blue- Calming, Forgiveness, Fidelity, Communication

Orange- Joy, Stimulation, Energy, Success

Pink- Self Love, Harmony, Friendships, Affection

Brown- Grounding, Friendships, Special Favors (Crossroads work), Earth Rites

Gold- Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Financial Abundance

Silver- Financial Needs, Financial Success, Business Blessings

Even though candles have such a rich, and unique history about them, we can all respect the makings, and all have a love for candles, whether using them to relax, to set a mood, or to manifest some work, they are appreciated in all practices, and all religions.


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