Stop. Deep breath in. Exhale the bullsh*t.

Often times we take on the world and never have the energy for ourselves. whether in self love, protecting ourselves, cleansing our energies, or finding our luck, our niche. It's okay to need help, or simple convenience. Our souls can be tired and famished, with a need of a quick pick me up, to get us out of the rut the world might have on us. 

We invite you to Emerge from the shadows, and open up your space to See the beauty of self love, protection, cleansing, and quick luck. 


Each kit is designed for complete quick intention manifesting, great for gifts, and when you're in need of an emergency while traveling.


Each Kit has it's own intention use:

- I'm Bae: Self love, and New Beginnings. Self Love  tealight candle, Palo Santo, That's Bae Intention soap, and Potion No. 999 Intention Balm.

- Protect Your Energy: Protection over you and space. Wolf's Protecton Powder, White Sage branch, Don't Come For Me tealight, Don't Come For Me Intention Oil

- Pack Light: Cleansing over you and your space. White Sage Branch, Copal Resin and Charcoal burning, Pack Light Cleansing tealight, and Salty Walnuts Cleansing Soak.

- Rabbit's Foot: luck in money, and prosperity. Mojo Bag, Palo Santo, Secure the Bag Intention bar, Secure the Bag Intention tealight.


*10-16 oz. net. wt. *

Emerge And See Kit

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