Heal. Protect. Release.


She craves your love and attention. To be a part of you  and embraced again. Your oochie is a goddess of her own, and this is how she loves to be healed. An oochie steam is a ritual to help remove personal or sexual traumas, release negative or stagnant energy of a past lover, as well as help aid in health challenges in a woman's reproductive system.


  Some challenges that can be treated, but are not limited to PCOS, heavy menstration, extreme cramping, irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, and more.


* We do not claim to heal reproductive challenges, byt help aid in some relief. We do not claim to cure any reproductive challenges.*

Oochie Lovin Herbal Steam/Tea

  • - Herbs are: roses, lavender, calendula, jasmine, raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf, slippery elm, maca root, rosemary, sage, yarrow root, lemon verbena, marshmallow root, tumeric, hibiscus, irish moss, burdock root, holy basil, blessed thistle, peppermint


    nt. wt. 1.5 oz

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