Prepare yourself for this super moon, when the moon is closest to the Earth. Imagine super moons as uber-powerful full moons. The moon’s energy is even more powerful during this time because she’s so close to us. Since this super moon is in the mysterious and spiritual water sign of Scorpio, use its power to propel big intentions. Clearly state what you want out of life, and let it be so!

This Box is fully equipped with a magnificent bath soak, full of aura cleansing lavender , rose, and eucalyptus herbs, and acts as a bath bomb in your bath.

A full moon candle that smells like a Pink Starburst , to help open your intentions that you set.

4 oz Take the Wheel Intention Wash to open up new doors to youraffirmations to manifest.

A selenite to bring stronger vibrations to your intentions

A floral rose and rosemary smudge bundle to bring in luck, love, and prosperity into your home.

A matchstick bottle to ignite all your intentions into manifestations

**All boxes will be shipped out the 17th of April to give time for boxes to make it to their homes in time for the Full moon. All orders must be in by the 14th of April**

Pink Super Full Moon Box 4/27


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