Light. Let the smoke build up. And release everything.


Our smudge wands are 100% sustainably sourced, cleansed, wrapped and prayed for. Made with intentions of cleansing away negativity, killing bacteria in the air, and ward away unwanted spirits or energy that may linger. We have an assortment of different bundles such as:


-White Sage- cleansing of the air

- Blue Sage - cleanses air, adds protection

-White Sage, Lavender - cleanses air, adds, protection, calms your inner spirit

-White Sage, Lavender, and Rose Petals. Cleanses the air, adds protection, calms your inner spirit, brings in loving energy.

Smudge Wands

  • With our smudge Wands. you want to open all windows and doors to your home, to allow any negativity, or spirits to exit your home, while smudging. make sure to smudge every corner of your home, every window, and door opening as well. Say a prayer as you smudge with your words of ridding  any unwanted energy out. When finished smudging, put the remainder wand out with water, or smuffing it out.

  • Each bundle is sourced in the San Beranrdino county by hand, in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 

    - Size ranges from 9"-13" x 1"

    -net. wt. 1.25- 2.0 oz

Wolfs Moon Apothecary 



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